Nick Popa

Telecommunications Sales Engineer
Professional Resume

Verizon Communications   2005 - 2009
Sr. Sales Engineer

Verizon is a worldwide leader in Telecommunications offering data and voice services.  My Sales Engineer transition to Verizon was a result of Verizon/MCI merger, becoming part of the newly formed division, Verizon Partner Solutions, traditional Verizon and MCI (Verizon Business) products such as IP, MPLS, Ethernet, ISP, Frame Relay, ATM, DWDM, SONET, DS3, DS1, Voice T1, Voice ISDN PRI, VoIP and SIP Gateway. 

  • Secured new business with superior customer service.  Saved a 100M Ethernet Internet access circuit for a new client after unresolved four month implementation delay. Research unveiled supporting equipment not available, contradicting capacity check.  Worked around normal processes, initiating installation, ensuring client satisfaction thus securing $20K month in new order for same client.
  • Rescued major Ethernet account. Took over second largest Tranparent LAN Services account, frustrated with lack of support and dwindling sales. A face to face with customer identified their needs. Designed, proposed and implemented plan successfully turning around customer. Re-gained customer confidence, becoming preferred vendor and increasing revenue  $150K+/month
  • Identified a new market.  Customers requesting high bandwidth, low latency requirements circuits, not covered by SLA.  Working outside normal channels, got circuits installed. Research found end users to be financial institutions performing online stock trades and milliseconds impacted prices.  Research of other teams found increasing demand for this.  Presented business case to Product Marketing establishing new market.
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