Nick Popa

Telecommunications Sales Engineer
Professional Resume

Telenet Communications   1988 - 1990

Sr. Systems Engineer

Telenet was a US Sprint Company offering Packet Switched Public Data Network Services.  It offered asynchronous dial in access and direct X.25 connections and sold its own brand of switches and concentrators for enterprise solutions with access to the network.

  • Requested by Apple Computers to be assigned to their account.

  • Designed and sold hardware and network to key account, Apple Computers, resulting in corporate endorsements for our services.
  • Often called for, even while out of town, by Apple to provide X.25 expertise on non-Telenet services.  Once even to assist our competitor Timeplex with configuration issues.
  • Supported multiple key accounts such as Tandem Computers, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems.
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